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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Burt's Bees Aftershave for Men

My husband has never been one to use many personal care products. When I met him, I'm pretty sure he used a bar of Ivory soap for everything - shampoo included. Add in antipersirant and toothpaste and that about rounds it out. So, lately, when he's been having more issues with razor burn when shaving, he was at a loss as to what to try.

Since his skin issues are somewhat related to his stem cell transplant (one of the "side effects" is the donor immune system attacking your skin), he wanted to make sure that whatever product he used was gentle and non-irritating. Figuring something like Aqua Velva would be appalling on a number of different levels, I went in search of an aftershave for him that was naturally based and soothing.

Now, I know that some of you get your panties in a twist now that Burt's Bees* is owned by some unfriendly conglomerate, but the ingredient list on their Natural Skin Care for Men Aftershave included mostly innocuous ingredients, with the main ones being sunflower and coconut oils.

Not only does it have a nice smell to it but, according to my husband, it seems to be working well for him. Since he tends to (these days) have a violent skin reaction to anything with chemicals in it, the fact that it not only doesn't bother his skin, but seems to be helping it is a good enough endorsement for me.

I asked him if he would buy more when it ran out and he seemed interested in seeing what else is out there, so if any of you have a good suggestion for a natural men's aftershave, let me know!

*I have in no way been contacted by this company nor have I been paid for this review.


amandaginn said...

Someone recently suggested using a crystal rock deodorant stick instead of aftershave. For women, she suggested using it in your bikini area.

She claims she's bikini-burn-free now. (I would recommend using a separate rock for that area. Ahem.)

Robj98168 said...

I am told that Bay Rum is a good product for sensitive skin. I was going to suggest Hai Karate, but he doesn't need you going all kung fu on him

Heather said...

Oooohhhhh...the rock on the sensitive bikini area? I don't know if I would do that. It's a salt and salt+sensitive skin=burning. I even feel a bit of a sing if I put it one my underarm right after shaving. But I guess if it gets rid of the burn...

Debra in Australia said...

My partner uses a Sorbolene-based moisturiser (that's lotion in Americanese) for shaving. It's fragrance/colour free, pH balanced, & includes a little vitamin E. His sensitive skin handles it very well indeed, and it's good for gently deforesting my hairy limbs too.