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Monday, October 19, 2009

Physicians Formula Organic Wear review

When I saw these products in my local drugstore I was extremely excited. I can't say that I've ever used Physicians Formula products before, but their Organic Wear line looked very promising. [Disclaimer: I have in no way been contacted, in contact or compensated by this company.]

What drew me in was the fact that it is the first ECOCERT Certified Organic line of makeup in the U.S., which means it contains 100% certified organic ingredients, and the packaging is fantastic - most of it is recyclable or made from recycled materials. Since I'm doing some makeup recon for the green makeover show, I took the liberty of buying a few products to test out. And, I needed a few things anyway.

Let me back up and also confess that I've developed an allergy to commercial lipsticks and lipbalms. I don't know what the ingredient in them is, but every time I've used a conventional product in the last two and a half years, my lips would burn and lightly peel for about a month afterwards. Not pretty. Then I'd forget and apply something or other and it would begin again.

So, part of my mission was to find a lipstick that didn't make my lips irritated. As such, I tested out the lipstick first. Since it's 100% free of chemicals, synthetic preservatives and parabens, I was hopeful. And, since it has no fragrance, the smell isn't exactly welcoming, particularly since ones lips are so close to your nose. It smells strongly like crayons.

They advertise it as being ultra-moisturizing, but I found the lipstick to be almost impossible to apply without already having a lipbalm on first. But, aside from the smell and texture of a crayon, I had no reaction to it. Woohoo!

Next up was a concealer stick. Again I was excited because the packaging on the tube was so cool and it comes it color corrective shades as well. Unfortunately, the "ultra-smooth" was not as advertised.

The concealer was essentially rock hard and, try as I might, I couldn't get any to actually go on my skin. And I wasn't about to rub the crap out of my under eye to get it on there. The stick is so hard, it snapped in half when I tried to get some concealer off onto a tissue just to see if I could. So, for the concealer, I'd say that this one is a huge failure and totally unusable.

Last up was the mascara which, even though it was ranked highly by Allure magazine, I've been kind of afraid to try given my experience with their other two products. With its cool packaging (see image at top left) and 100% recyclable eco-brush, it certainly is a super stylish looking product. So, I don't really have a review on this product - if I get the gumption to give it a try, I'll let you know what I think.


kiwi gomes said...

Gidday! I use these products a lot - and the mascara every day. I also have extra sensitive skin. I like the mascara - my only complaint would be that if it gets in my eyes (swimming, crying etc), the mascara stings my eyes!!!

Love the other products too ...

Anonymous said...

I also was super stoked about this line. You might try warming the concealer slightly with the blow dryer before applying? (I had a hell of a time with it also.)

Chelsea said...

Haven't tried the rest, but I picked up the mascara months ago during their Try Me Free campaign and I LOVE it! Seriously awesome stuff. But I guess I'll stay away from the rest. :)

jen said...

Neutrogena makes a decent concealer (the stick, though not as smooth...) and Almay has a good one as well, with SPF. I usually cannot wear anything with SPF under my eyes. except Almay concealer. I am a beauty junkie myself... and also looking for ways to break away from big brands and go more natural. I do recycle all my containers to Origin counters when I can. (including ALL the non-Origins products!) a brand I love which is not as easy to get is called Uspa ... they do have a salon in Seattle. They are based in Australia. Maybe you have heard of them? They have a page on Facebook. I didn't mean to ramble on....