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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Laser hair removal

I think I've already discussed hair removal to death and I know that some of you just forgo it altogether, but I also know at least one of you has sprung for laser hair removal. On one hand, the environmental impact of manufacturing the laser machines isn't something to sneeze at.

I have no idea how much energy is needed to run the darn things, but I suspect that once the machines have been built, delivered and you take into consideration operating expenses, you hope that they run long enough to offset the initial carbon footprint investment, so to speak, by eliminating the need for razors and other consumer products used in the whole shaving process.

But really, the best thing is to not bother shaving and just get comfortable with one's hirsuteness. However, for some of us who were born and raised by gorillas, this is a little less easy than it is for others. And, thus, the shaving, waxing, threading, depilatorying and otherwise hair yanking continues.

So, what's a lady to do? As you may know, laser hair removal is very expensive so for most that's a huge deterrent to getting it done, aside from all the potential environmental issues. However, a few months ago, Groupon was running a deal in my area offering laser hair removal at about 20% the total cost.

Basically I got three hair removal session for 80% less than I would have to normally pay. It was too good a deal to pass up and it gave me an excuse, particularly since I was already eyeballing the whole lasering thing anyway. I haven't yet had my first session since you need to stop waxing for a while before treatment, but I'm hoping to do so soon.

Have any of you done laser hair removal and what's been your experience? Is it worth the cost or do you still end up shaving or otherwise removing hair from the treated area?


Madz said...

hey deanne,
just wondering if you started the laserhair removal treatment yet and how it went?

I've been thinking about it for awhile but the pricetag puts me since i'm pretty much living on student allowance atm. plus i have low pain tolerance and frankly lasers just look sore!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Hey Madz,

No I haven't made my first appointment, I've been a little busy. I'm hoping to do so in the next few weeks or so and I'll give you the full report!

Allie said...

I've been thinking about this a lot too. I switched from razors to good old fashioned wax, but that in between phase where you have to wait for the hair to get long enough to wax again is really annoying.

G. Koep said...

Learn to love the hair. My wife rarely shaves and I do not mind one little bit. Actually, I am shaving less often myself, choosing to grow a beard. If we can't change our attitudes toward something as insignificant as body hair, how will we ever tackle the larger issue of changing our attitudes toward our unsustainable lifestyle? These are the baby steps we must take to get there. More hair equals more freedom. Hairanistas unite!

inadvertent farmer said...

I've had laser hair-removal done on my underarms and bikini area. I have to have it touched up once a year but other than that it rocks, no more shaving.

Now be warned it hurts like you are being zapped by a match...seriously it hurts a LOT.

As far as the fellow that thinks we should grow hair our for an independent lifestyle...he has never worn a woman's swimsuit with a hairy...well you know. And those razor bumps suck too!

logansmama said...

Ive been going to my laser hair appointments for almost two years now. I still have to shave in between sessions, but the goal is to be completely hair free eventually.
Not sure why my hair wont stop growing... but until it does, im still going through razors(not as many, the growth has reduced). Hopefully the laser treatments will make a difference soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm an electrolysis/laser hair removal pro. I don't bother with the copious leg/underarm hair, but only with the hair on my face and chest; after first having it done, my self-esteem went way upwards. In my case, it isn't about fashion or vanity, but being able to walk around in the world, without people staring, and simply being able to hold down a job that involves working with the public and being my somewhat extroverted self. (NB: this is not an imbalance of hormones thing, just the way the Goddess made me)

Some tips, re: Pain.

1. Figure out when in your menstrual cycle your tolerance is highest. For me, this is one full week after I have started my period, to the week/ week-and-a-half following that.
2. Figure out when in the day your pain tolerance is highest. Early morning and mid-afternoon are good for me.
3. Schedule your appointment for then
4. Take one or two regular strength Advil (Ibuprofin) about one hour before your appointment (depending your medication threshold--some people are more sensitive than others to meds). Avoid the caffeine (yes, even for morning appointments--no stimulants!)
5. Before the session, you can ask to have an ice pack put on the area. This helps me, at least. I also ask for this cold air blower thing they sometimes have... basically, I like the cold, it really helps.
6. Breathe. Yes, this is painful. Relax your body, chant internally, sing the ABC's: do whatever it takes to regulate your heart beat and breathe regularly.
7. Tell your technician to shut up, if need be (albeit politely). I find that, too, too often, I need to inform my technician (or aesthetician for waxing) that silence and breathing is part of my pain management. I CANNOT have the radio going; "spa music" is okay, but any commercial radio or music just messes with it all. The staccato, the talking--it hurts. Likewise, the chitchat that a lonely technician wants/needs to make with her clients. If a technician/ aesthetician cannot respect my need for silence, they don't get business again. Period.

Hope this helps some of you!

Anonymous said...

Beware of the laser scam. I have had SEVEN treatments under my arms and 3 bikini area ones (over the course of several months) and I still have hair growing. Every time I see the ads I dream of being hair-free but I know they are just selling an impossiblity. As I told my friends, the laser lasts about twice as long as waxing and costs TWENTY times as much. Though with the Groupon I guess its down to about 4X as much.

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